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Groups Niki_B Created


    leisure events

    Take part in events across the Ringwood area and tell us how you got on!

    35 members



    Art and exhibitions

    14 members



    announcing births, deaths and marriages in Ringwood

    20 members


    Food and drink

    Group for foodies and alchies...

    25 members



    Tourism group to promote Ringwood

    10 members

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Groups Niki_B Joined

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    Group for societies to meet

    8 members

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    A club for theatre goers

    9 members

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    For everyone who owns a pet, from poodles to piglets!

    14 members

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    kids clubs

    Clubs for the little ones and teens

    10 members

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    For beautiful people

    11 members

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Nicola Buskell

Why I like Ringwood

I love Ringwood because it sits in the heart of the New Forest with so many attractions in and around the town to keep myself and my family endlessly entertained. The town has full of history and charm yet easily accommodates new vision with the development of The Furlong and further developments planned. A combination of new and old, all the amenities I need and not too far from the gorgeous sandy beaches puts Ringwood right at the top of the best places to live for me.


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